Cover Ups

coverup1When looking to get a cover­‐up done the best thing to arm yourself with is patience. Cover‐ups are not something to be rushed, as you are already unhappy with what you have. There is no use in slapping something new on top of a piece you are unhappy with for the sake of getting rid of it as quickly as possible. You don’t want to become unhappy with your new piece five years down the road.

There has been much improvement with cover-­ups today, as they don’t have to be filled with black in order to hide what’s there. The best images to use are things that are busy and that allow the old tattoo to fit into the new piece. Symmetry, text and geometry typically don’t work the best. While they don’t need to be all black, darker colors do tend to lend themselves better. Most cover-­ups take a lot of time and many layers to fully hide what was once there.

coverup2Getting laser removal is not always necessary but is always beneficial and can create many more options as to what is possible for a cover up. The money you spend on the laser treatment will save you thousands on the tattoo. The wearer will always be able to see bits and pieces of the old tattoo poking through as they have worn the original piece for so long.

Cover-ups do have to be a certain size in order for them to work and need to be larger then the existing piece. The goal is to draw the eye away from what you are hiding by creating an area of the tattoo that isn’t hiding anything. If you are looking to get a cover-­up done our artists are more then happy to sit down with you to discuss your options.

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