Full Color

fullcolor1Full color tattoos have a come a long way since their origin. With the growing popularity of tattooing so came unique changes to equipment and styles within the industry. Where the tattooer was once limited to only a few colors over time a full color palate became available helping to expand the options with tattooing.

With more pigment came more experimentation. The major transitions began in the late eighties going into the early nineties. Graffiti artists began picking up tattoo machines and their vibrant exaggerated style formed the building blocks for the style we call “new school” which composes large cartoon-­‐esque images with bright vibrant colors. With these new advancements in pigment, artists began pushing the boundaries of what could be done with ink and skin.

As tattooing gained popularity formally trained artists came into the industry. Referencing the paintings of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vellejo, classically trained artists began rendering things from their works into tattoos and began the movement for what is now called color realism. The style and possibilities of color work continues to grow with the increased popularity and social acceptance of tattooing.

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