Ben Around Tattoos is a Virginia-based studio offering professional tattooing services (we do not pierce). We provide a high-end environment that balances classic aestheticism and popular culture. We take pride in the craft of tattooing and demonstrate it through each piece that is done in our studio!


Tattooing is one of the oldest professions as well as one of the oldest art forms in history. We pay careful attention to the fit and flow of each of our pieces and our goal is to ensure that each tattoo, no matter how big or small, gets done right the first time. Our team strives to create a unique atmosphere to get the custom piece of art that you would want to wear forever and can cherish for the years to come.





As long as Ben could remember He’s been into art and drawing. In 1993 he did his first tattoo and fell in love. In 2001 he moved to Charlottesville, working at and managing Capital Tattoo. In 2006 he opened his first shop, Ben Around Tattoos. Ben enjoys all styles of tattooing with a focus on black & grey, Asian, and hybrid tattooing (mostly black & grey with small pops of color). If you asked him what he likes to do best it would always be “make the client happy”. His main goal is providing the client with a good experience and outstanding artwork. He loves taking on new projects and is always up for unique ideas.


A long peace had fallen over Gotham City when Ryan Whitson decided to retire his cape and cowl in order to follow his true passion of making art. Ryan came to Charlottesville in 2009 where he became manager and artist of Capital Tattoo. In 2013, Ben Miller approached him with an opportunity to work for the Ben Around Tattoos team and he gladly accepted.  Ryan specializes in color tattoos ranging from traditional, neo-traditional, color realism, and of course, comic book styles. Ryan loves making his clients’ ideas come to life and strives to give them his best work every day.


 Molly Freeman is a charlottesville native who has always had a passion for art. She received a BFA from the  Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in Illustration. After art school she returned to Charlottesville to learn the art of tattooing from Ben. Her favorite things to tattoo are mandalas, flowers, animals or anything from nature in black and grey. 


A self taught tattoo artist from Charlottesville, VA, Dustin began tattooing when he was a teenager. He enjoys all aspects and styles of tattooing and has a particular passion for black and grey realism. Dustin is always looking for a challenge to make the seemingly impossible possible with new ideas, designs, and cover ups.